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James Monroe Scarborough (John) was born 1753 in Brunswick Co VA.  and died 1840 in Stewart Co TN. 
James married Mary Andrews (1755-1848) about 1773 in Brunswick County, Virginia. She was born 1755 in Brunswick County VA. and died 1820 in Stewart County TN.  Following their marriage they settled for a time in Brunswick County where three of their four children, John William, James and David were born.

 In December 1785, along with his parents (John and Rachel Elizabeth Scarborough), James, Mary and their three children relocated from Brunswick County, Virginia to Montgomery County North Carolina.  While they were living in Montgomery County, North Carolina, their last child Alexander Scarborough was born. In 1784-1797 State Census of Montgomery County, the Census of Montgomery County and the 1800 Census of Montgomery County show James Scarborough as head of household, his wife (Mary) and four males (John William, James. David   and Alexander).

In 1803 James and Mary, their unmarried sons, David and Alexander, and their married sons, John William and James, were joined by several members of the John Andrews Mary Scarborough family. This included David, James, George and Anderson Andrews, all who  traveled with a group that migrated from Montgomery County, North Carolina, to Stewart County, Tennessee. Other individuals who traveled with their party included Druery and Melissa Bird, a Boyd family, Duncan McRae, John Lightfoot, Travis Moore, Williams McGee and Ebenezer Rumfelt.

James Scarborough was reported to be one of the early Methodist ministers in Stewart County although no record has been found of his affiliation with any specific church.

One of the often quoted stories involving James and his family concerns Mary and her encounter with a bear. Game of every description abounded in the canebrakes and forests in the early days and many a "bar' story was handed down, including one that was vouched for by Judge James Scarborough. Sometime in 1807 James Scarborough and his sons left home to attend Court in Dover, leaving the farm in charge of his wife, Mary. As the lived a long distance from the county seat, it was necessary for the men to remain away overnight. In the evening, after the men had taken their departure, a huge black bear was detected prowling around the place and finally got in among the pigs. The dogs were set on the bear and it took refuge in a large tree near the house. By this time, it was dark and Mrs. Scarborough could not distinguish the form of Bruin so she made a fire under the tree and sat up all night to replenish it in order to keep the animal in the tree. When morning came the plucky woman got her husband" rifle and killed the bear which was then skinned and the hide preserved as a trophy.

Children of James Scarborough and Mary ANDREWS are:

  1. James Jr Scarborough, born 1783 in Brunswick Co VA; died 1837.
  2. John William Scarborough, born 27 Jan 1781 in Brunswick Co VA; died 16 Aug 1837 in Stewart Co TN.
  3. David Scarborough, born 1784 or 1785 in NC; died 1821 in TN   after   1824.
  4. Alexander Scarborough, born 1789 in Stewart  Co TN; died after 1850 in  Henry county TN.



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